First row: Ligia Sosa, Maria Sosa, Ana Sosa, Daishi Jorge Sosa Sr. & Maritza Sosa

Back row: Hanshi Jorge Sosa Jr., Sensei Leonardo Sosa & Hanshi Hugo Sosa



Due to various changes that arise by Karatedo World Championships and the political situation in groups of
Shito-Ryu. The Sosa family meets to study the effects gets Karatedo and style the same, so by unanimous decision and not lose the true essence of this art, the association is formed World Union Budo Sosa-Ryu Shito-kai. The main objective is to preserve the traditional Shito-Ryu Karatedo in their philosophical teachings while conveniently charge him to modern changes that take place worldwide. "The ancient practice Karatedo is integrated into a modern system that always seeks to overcome physical, moral and spiritual individual." The Sosa family was technically directed by Grandmaster Father Jorge Sosa and supported by the Masters Jorge Sosa Jr. Son Hugo Sosa, Leonardo Sosa . With the advice of the wife of Master Sosa Father: Ana Maria (Black Belt) and their daughters: Maria Eugenia (Black Belt), Maritza Angelica (Black Belt) and Ligia Anabella (Black Belt).






Hanshi Hugo Yasuo Sosa

Successor of World Union Budo Sosa-Kai

Hugo was born in Guatemala,on April 22,1961,he was the fifth born of the sixth children of Daishi Jorge Sosa Sr.,Founder of World Union Budo Sosa-kai.Because of his father,he was involved in Karate at the age of five years old.

Besides training in karate,Ruy-kyu Kobudo,Ninpo,Taijutsu and Iaido,with Daishi Jorge Sosa Sr.,Hugo also trained Kendo and Judo.

In 1975,as a teenager,he was trained with Daishi Nobuyoshi Murata at Mexico,he often accompanied his father on his numerous training trips,and on many occasions he participated in Shito-ryu Karatedo demonstrations.



During his Young years Hanshi Hugo Sosa trained with several Japanese Master;Hanshi Ken ei Mabuni,Nobuyoshi Murata,Shoko Sato.

When his father suddenly passed away on September 7,2012 Hugo Sosa bécame his soke (successor),and he inherited both Presidency and Director responsibilities for the World Union Budo Sosa-kai.