It is a great pleasure to share with you this beautiful art of Ninjutsu or Ninpo. The experience of 63 years in this life path of Martial Arts, we have adapted to those who inhabit the western part of the globe and thus achieve amalgamate the Eastern and Western culture and thus balance our energies of Yin and Yang. Our lineage comes from the teachings of the Master Seiko Fujita Kenei transmitted to Master Mabuni, adding to this the study acquired on our own to further refine the training of this beautiful art.




Ninpo practice performed regularly in rural areas, thanks to the countless natural resources, therefore the Ninjas were known as "Invisible Warriors", to blend into the environment they lived in the mountains and valleys. These warriors had a prominent role in the battles of ancient Japan.




The workouts were very rigorous ancient Ninja, which required them great spirit of sacrifice, courage, perseverance, loyalty and great use of all resources at your fingertips.




At present, not all people have the facility to train outdoors in the fields and mountains, because the modern situation of life. That is why the practice of Ninjutsu is performed in dojos.




Students of this art are fortunate to have in their hands a formidable defense method. Reminding that its use is strictly for defense of their own lives, the people you love and the defenseless people.




                                                   "The best offense is defense."




Always remember that the self-learning and perfection can be achieved entirely by the complete dedication and patience to walk in the "path of truth".




If a student wants to be a good student should follow exactly the instructions of his Master, improve their technique thanks to the wise teachings of his master, overcome the technical condition of the Master but ever respectful and following his advice and organization system THROUGH loyalty for life.




The student who follows these rules, is reaching enlightenment, Satori, which has been traced in this field and that will be your guide at the end of their journey.




The wisdom teachings of a Master, leading to the perfection of the individual, to the perfection of style and organizational growth.




Always see the positive side of a Master and admire him for his knowledge. When the teacher is in a mishap staff, is the most loyal to shake hands and support until recovery. "The Master of a day, is the master of a lifetime."


Daishi Jorge Sosa    Ninpo-Kai International Yukibushi








HISTORY Ninjutsu or Ninpo




The terms are interchangeable Ninjutsu and Ninpo and their meanings are: Unconventional combat strategy and fighting tactics of the martial arts.




Ninjutsu is the art of stealth, endurance, perseverance and patience, while Ninpo , is the practice of skills and principles.




The art of Ninjutsu is an ancient martial art, which has its origins during the Asuka period (592-710). The Ninja had a very important role in the life of Japan Ninjas groups started because during that time the Sea of Japan was plagued by piracy China and was necessary to create a defense against such attacks. The Ninjas had a collection of essential survival techniques. The Ninja was a strategic warrior who was expert in special operations and with admirable skill.


It is very important to mention that Japan was at war for many years and the struggles of the clans to take power in feudal Japan were bloody each other. The first people who were trained in Ninjutsu Mie prefecture, and then, in the following periods, the spread Ninja training in the areas of Koka (Shiga Prefecture) and Iga (Mie Prefecture). But it is important to mention that the real development of ninjutsu was during the Muromachi period. Japan in chaos and Ninjas groups provided great support to the rulers and military leaders. Nobody knew the term Ninja to the Sengoku period. The Ninjas were previously known as Men and shadows and was in the Sengoku period when he began the golden age of the Ninja.




It was necessary for the clan leaders for help and support from people who specialize as Ninjas. The militant was a warrior Ninja strategic combat with various arts and skills, which helped them to perform various operations such as espionage, infiltration, messengers, sabotage operations and combat.




Among the rulers and most important military leaders seeking help Ninjas were warriors of Takeda Shingen, Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu famous. Groups Ninjas were their secret weapons, who helped keep a good control in Japan through a complex network system.




During the development of Ninjutsu, there were several groups of families Ninjas:





Family Group


Family Group


Group Koga (Kōka)


Group Erazen


Group Iga


Group Kaguro


Group Hatano


Group Nakagana


Group Bisen


Group Uesugi


Group Natori


Group Matsumoto


Group Kuroda


Group Matsuda


Group Fukushima






When the civil war ended in Japan, the New Shogun, Ieyasu Tokugawa, used groups of Koga and Iga Ninjas as his bodyguards.




As with other martial arts of Japan, or Ninpo Ninjutsu training is being taught as a way of life and individual improvement in several places to keep the legacy of martial arts of Japan and assist students in their development as better beings human.