This noble martial art known as RYU KYU KOBUDO,is a martial art using farm tools for self-defense.


Its origins come from directly from the island of Okinawa, Japan, where there were excellent exponents of this art.  There are many styles and organizations of Ryu Kyu Kobudo around the world trying to transmit the traditional way of the Japanese martial arts developed in Okinawa..




Gembu Ryu Kyu Kobudo Sosa-Kai is the name of our organization, which is based in the learning of our Hanshi, Jorge Sosa Sr. plus the knowledge learned by Menkyo Jorge Sosa Jr. and Kyoshi Hugo Sosa from several Masters.  They also have made several searches and studies in Japan for understanding and improving this martial art.




Hanshi Jorge Sosa Sr. learned Ryu Kyu Kobudo directly from Master Kenei Mabuni, son of Shito-Ryu’s founder, Kenwa Mabuni, who is know as one of the great knowledge Masters around the world in martial arts.  Master Kenwa Mabuni learned under the guidance of great Masters such as Aragaki ó Arakaki, Yabiku Moden, Chinen Sanda, Sueyoshi Jino y Tawada Simbuku.  It is important to mention that other Budokas ask for guidance from him like Master Shinken Taira. Master Kenei Mabuni keep training the knowledge of his father in order to introduce this martial art to other people.




Hanshi Jorge Sosa Sr. learned also Ryu Kyu Kobudo from Master Misakazu Konishi at Himeji, Japan and several other visits he did in the Americas continente.  Also, Master Sosa Sr. learned from Master Fumio Demura in Santa Ana, California and during his visits to Guatemala.  Menkyo Jorge Sosa Jr. has been continuos training and searching better methods of training and he traveled to Okinawa, Japan in March 2001, where he did a great study of Ryu Kyu Kobudo.




Gembu Ryu Kyu Kobudo Sosa-Kai has a systematic training program for its students and keep updating it for a better technique performance.   It is very importante for this organization to keep a high technical standard.




Gembu means ‘The warrior of the North’; this organization was established on 1993.  Its program requires the skills of five fundamental self-defense tools: Bojutsu, Saijutsu, Toifajutsu, Kamajutsu and Nunchakujutsu in order to become a Black Belt.




One of the major satisfactions of Sosa-Kai was the demonstration performed by Hanshi Jorge Sosa Sr. and Menkyo Jorge Sosa Jr. in the Coca-Cola stadium in Pretoria, South Africa surrounded by 20,000 spectators.  Later on, they leaded training in several dojos in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1973.




Sosa-Kai has been involved in more than 3,000 demonstration of Ryu Kyu Kobudo, showing the traditional ways of this martial art and the importance of its practice.  Some Sosa-Kai members have been showing some of our  Ryu Kyu Katas in tournament and they have got excellent comments from different people.
















Iaido training by Kyoshi Jose Cortez our leader in Guatemala,City