The Tai-Jutsu Ryu Goda, born based on the knowledge gained from Hanshi Jorge Sosa father in his life learning martial arts. The father began training Hanshi JUJITSU Sosa at age 17 years with Sensei Silvestre Méndez.



Jujitsu is an ancient art that is called, "The Art of Flexibility". It is an art of self defense designed to defend the body using techniques with the body and feet. It is recommended for protection in unexpected situations on the street. The practitioner of this art learn to use restraint techniques, dislocation, tears, cracks, chokes, projections and ground fighting. Jujitsu methods have existence for over 2000 years and was widely used during the VIII and XVI centuries.



According to legend, is credited with the creation of Jujitsu Master SHIROBEI AKIYAMA, who founded the school of "Corazón del Sauce". The name of Ju-Jitsu began to use in 1600, three years after taking over as the new Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa Japan, who begins a time of peace and economic and political balance in Japan, this was in the early Edo period Japanese town, having grown to about 725 officially recognized styles of Jujitsu.



Following this art, born JUDO, being its creator and precursor Master Jigoro Kano, Judo who makes a practice of classical, Hanshi Sosa father says the practice Judo Jujitsu is elegant, where the Master gave Kano variations to the practice itself, being less aggressive than Jujitsu.


The Judo in its development has come to become more of a competitive sport in a traditional art.



Judo is based on the principles of balance and nonresistance. It was introduced by Master Shitaya Kano in 1882, Tokyo. Finally released strongly in 1920.



TAIJUTSU Godai-Ryu, is described by Sosa Hanshi father as the grandson of Jujitsu. It is the combination of Jujitsu, Judo and karate, to carry out an actual defense in the street and the person who has the most resources defend against one or more attackers either unarmed or with weapons.


Total use of the whole body is vital to the defense and the knowledge of the four elements of nature such as water, fire, wind and earth are essential in the use of the techniques of Tai-Jutsu being the fifth self element that accompanied the elements of nature, make a person very strong in his defense